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With Daveauto Smart its about the customer first

Automotive Experience in the St. Louis market since 1966
•    Quality product, care, and customer service
•    Credit professionals with experienced people in similar situations
•    We can rebuild and re-establish your credit by putting you in a Daveauto Smart Vehicle
•    Pleasant auto buying experience and credit discussion
•    Don’t be afraid, lots of satisfied customers have been in the same situation

Just how easy is it to get credit at Daveauto Smart?

We can get you back on your feet for credit recovery and secondary finance in St. Louis.  Getting credit at Daveauto Smart in the St. Louis area is simple. No matter what your situation or credit history, we want to talk to you. We have a friendly team and easy process.

I have been turned down by car dealerships and financial institutions, how can I get approved? How can you guarantee me credit?

We are not like other stores and dealerships in the area.   Our process is to sit down with our customers face to face.  We walk through all of the potential scenarios and what might make the most sense for your used or new car needs.  Our financing process allows us to get you the best rate for the right reasons.  At Daveauto Smart if we take care of our customers the rest takes care of itself.

Why should I deal with Daveauto Smart instead of someone else?

Plan and simple it is our customer service that separates us from the rest.  We have a motto that if it’s not right we will make it right free.  That is the Dave Sinclair tradition.  We want our customers for life and we make sure the process of financing and buying is smooth and even more importantly your experience afterwards is a very positive one when it comes to your new car.

What are my inventory options at Daveauto Smart?

Bad credit does not mean you need to settle for a bad car.  With thousands of new cars in our new and used inventory there is going to be the right option for your personal buying and credit recovery needs.  That is part of our personalized process!

Can I lease, purchase and refinance with Daveauto Smart?

You can lease a vehicle, purchase a vehicle and we have options to help you refinance and get moving on.  Your payments are something our credit recovery sales specialists will work with you on to make sure things are comfortable for you.

Will I improve my credit history with Daveauto Smart?

Our entire goal is to get your credit history improved and you driving on with your future.  We want our customers for life and one way to ensure you come back for your vehicle service, sales and parts needs in St. Louis is by making sure we help you get on the road to recovery.



  • ” I got denied a few times, but they kept working for me and trying, we kept communicating, and I would never go anywhere else.”

    St Peters Location | Dave Auto Smart Review
  • ” I just got a new car from Dave Auto Smart and I love it here. They truly are a shark free zone”

    South County | Dave Auto Smart Review